Tiger Den Receives Remodeling

Cierra Veizer, Sports Editor

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The Tiger Den has been reliably serving us since 2016. From lattes to hard-boiled eggs to cinnamon bites, all have become EHS staple foods.

And on Jan. 22, the Tiger Den’s Instagram announced (@edwardsvilletigerden) that the coffee shop had been brewitfully remodeled for the first time since its opening.

“Name a better glo up, we’ll wait,” it said.

The post also thanked Ronnoco Coffee.

“Ronnoco, a St. Louis coffee company, has been a great support and designed our original logo based on the motto ‘The Tiger Den- Where Everyone Belongs,’” Tiger Den founder and supervisor Susan Converse said. “They provided, at no cost, a commercial grinder/brewer, espresso machine, lemonade and cold brewed coffee dispenser.”

Ronnoco also met with Ms. Converse in early January to decide what type of menu boards and decor would fit the Tiger Den’s original color scheme. Then Ronnoco created everything and hung it up in late January, according to Converse.

Senior Emily Magruder says she is very thankful for the donations from Ronnoco and other companies.

“A lot of businesses in the area support and love what the Tiger Den stands for,” Magruder said.

With the supplies that Ronnoco donated, along with some of the profits from the shop, Tiger Den advisers were able to purchase two signs advertising their food and drinks, two signs shaped like tiger heads and a sign with the Tiger Den logo. They were also able to paint the walls inside the shop.

After serving strawberry lemonade and preparing parfaits since becoming Key Club President, Magruder now hopes that the new look of the Tiger Den will stir up business between passing periods.

“And since it (the Tiger Den) is so successful, we do have that bubble of funds where we can spend it on stuff like that,” Magruder said.

Words cannot espresso how much the Tiger Den beans to students, and they say that they like the remodel a latte. Some even say a stop to the Tiger Den is a part of their daily grind and make them very frappe.

“The remodel makes it easier to find everything you need,” senior Wyatt Waltenberger said. “Everything is laid out so perfectly, so you can just grab it like you’re in an assembly line. The remodel really pops.”

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