Japanese Club: A New Club and Experience

Ryan Stewart, Staff Writer

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With so many clubs at EHS, and so many announcements in the morning, it can be difficult to know all the details of that new club you wanna try out. For example, what do you really know about the new Japanese club?

The first meeting, which will be on Dec. 6 in room A234, will present students with an opportunity to study Japanese, a language never before offered, in a class or club, at EHS.

“We will give an introductory presentation concerning the basics of the culture and language,” club vice president sophomore Jackson Budwell said.

The Introduction will be informational and engaging, which will give students the opportunity to know if they want to join.

“The boys are gonna focus mostly, at the beginning, on hiragana and katakana,” club sponsor Jane Hicks said.

Hiragana and katakana are the written forms of the language, which are easier to learn at first than the spoken language, and according to Ms. Hicks, are also fun to learn.

The club was founded for various reasons. Diversity of culture being one of them. Learning about new cultures can only expand your worldview, something club president sophomore Noah Range knows about.

“I had noticed that there was very little representation of Eastern Asian languages and cultures at EHS,” Range said. “I was already learning Japanese, and wanted to share my interest with others.”

This interest and want to share with others is held by both Range and Budwell.

“I started learning to write Kanji last summer, and some of my friends started to learn once school started,” Budwell said. “One of them, Noah Range, decided to start a club dedicated to learning Japanese.”

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