Bratwursts and Sauerkraut: Annual German Club “Oktoberfest” Bring in Language Clubs

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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German, French and Spanish words can be heard all around the second floor, but on one day a year, they all move to Township Park for German Club’s “Oktoberfest.”

Everyone was invited for this event, not just those in a foreign language.

“The ultimate goal is to provide a place where everyone can celebrate and have fun together,” senior German Club officer Jared Wright said.

Immediately after school, students walk or drive over to Township Park to get in line for bratwursts being grilled by German Teacher Levi Antrim.

“Mr. Antrim does a fantastic job with getting the officers and members involved in meetings and events as well as embodying a lot of the German culture,” senior German Club officer Kyle Walsh said.

Walsh is a four-year attendee to “Oktoberfest” and has seen it grow; this year the officers added a polk dance off.

“Hopefully in the future (German Club) is able to create bigger experiences with everyone with more events for all those involved,” Walsh said. “Maybe have more clubs show up to Oktoberfest than just German and French, but that’s just one man’s thoughts”

French Club is well seen at “Oktoberfest” each year because of the competitive events like tug-of-war, root beer chugging contest and the messy sauerkraut-eating contest.

Senior Kate Henderson represented French Club during the tug-of-war this year, but she is excited to invite the other language clubs to their activities.

“We haven’t had any yet,” Henderson said. “We have crepe making days usually once a semester and sometimes there are movies days.”

The senior German Club officers had to say “auf wiedersehen” to their most successful event as they begin to look to the event’s future and reflect on it’s past.

“Every year there always seems to be more and more people showing up along with new activities and decorations to get everyone involved in celebrating Oktoberfest,” Walsh said. “The best part for me is seeing the smiling faces of all those who attend.”

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Bratwursts and Sauerkraut: Annual German Club “Oktoberfest” Bring in Language Clubs