Everyone’s Acrylic at the Edwardsville Art Fair

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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Art students made their pointillism at the annual Art Fair held in Edwardsville City Park this past weekend and their hard work wasn’t brushed off.

National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society and Advanced Placement Studio Art students left a good impression with their volunteer work face painting, craft making and art selling.

Senior MacKenzie Geary volunteered all three days of the fair, doing something new each time.

“On Friday, I helped set up for the EHS art tent and worked it,” Geary said. “On Saturday I got there around 11 a.m. and worked ‘Splash n’ Dash.’ We filled balloons with paint so kids could throw them at a board with nails so it would easily pop. On Sunday I worked the hospitality tent. I helped kids with the crafts and I delivered water to the artists.”

However there were much more volunteer opportunity for the students, such as the information booth, “mystery boxes” and face painting.

Geary as well as other art students sold off some of their art as well at the EHS tent and Geary’s art won a merit award at the fair.

Junior Ellie Viox made four different pieces for the art fair and five prints of each.

“I sold out of two,” Viox said, “one being a colored pencil drawing of a turtle in the ocean. The other piece was a brightly colored elephant spraying water with its trunk up. It’s something that I’m very passionate about and to be able to share it with others and have such a positive response was very encouraging.”

The EHS tent also displayed “ceramic aquatic creature air plant holds and glow in the dark crystal geodes” that was made by Clay Club members. Senior Morgan Rockwell and co-president of Clay Club attached cards on each pot explaining the pots’ name.

“We made twenty air plants and twelve geodes,” Rockwell said. “Clay Club participated to earn money to support our club and get more supplies.”

After a successful art fair, Viox looks to the future.

“Next year, I hope that I will also be to put an original in for judging like our seniors in AP did this year.”

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Everyone’s Acrylic at the Edwardsville Art Fair