Totally Tubular Summer Trips Get Global

Emma Lazerson, Views Editor

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Standing 984 feet above the world, senior Anna Conner will join a multitude of people in one unified theme: their love of Paris.

Conner will join the American Council for International Studies, or ACIS, in touring Europe.

According to their official website, ACIS offers tours with “authentic meals, centrally-located hotels and (their) signature Cultural Connections—experiential learning that brings students closer to the people, places and culture.”

Conner is excited to join the group.

“We’re visiting Paris, Provence, Nice, Florence and Rome,” she said. “I chose this trip firstly because I love history, and I thought France and Italy would be a great place to begin my European travel experience, due to their rich amount of history and museums.”

She also looks forward to sightseeing.

“I’m Catholic, so I’m most excited to visit the Vatican and various churches in Italy,” she said. “I’m also anticipating the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.”

And Conner is not alone in her pursuit of an adventure.

Senior Lea Hein will head to Los Angeles to jump start her modeling career.

“I’m flying out to LA next week, and my agent (is setting) up (an) appointment with IMG and NEXT modeling agencies,” she said. “(Both agencies specialize in) sports and fashion media.”

While Hein struts among the glamorous, sophomore Noah Eagle will take on western North Carolina.

“It’s a classical music festival that also serves as a summer institute for high school and college-age musicians,” he said.

Eagle greatly anticipates his melodic summer.

“I love playing and being around music, so that will be amazing, but I’m also excited to meet other people from around the country that share the same love for music that I do.”

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Totally Tubular Summer Trips Get Global