Campaigning for Homecoming Court

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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The expenses of buying a dress, shoes, a tie or a ticket are customary for Homecoming, but most students don’t include bags of candy on that list. While it is an event for all grades, selected students experience more by being on Homecoming Court.

Homecoming is one of EHS’s most attended events and one of its most important traditions is Homecoming Court. Each year, students get the chance to vote for their peers on their grade’s court and some students actively try to earn votes by handing out candy.

Each grade gets to nominate ten females and ten males. Once nominated, another voting process begins, leaving three females and three males. The senior class, however, gets the chance to crown a king and queen.

Sophomore Alex Hicks is asking peers to vote for her and her boyfriend sophomore Will Shuster.

“I watched coronation last year and I thought it was absolutely beautiful,” Hicks said. “I thought that it would be a fun thing to do with Will. I want to be a part of the whole experience.”

Other students who are running want to experience the fancy dresses and the coronation dance. For senior Ashlyn Dewitt those are the most important aspects.

“I want to be involved in more things at the school since it’s my last year,” Dewitt said.

Dewitt and Hicks have been persuading their grades by handing out candy and asking around. Junior Haley Hundelt bought a Snapchat Geotag encouraging her peers to vote for her.

EHS has a student body of over 2,400 students across four grades, and a mere 24 students are honored on Homecoming Court. The odds may seem slim, but those campaigning are willing to take a shot at becoming royalty.

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Campaigning for Homecoming Court