What’s Poppin’ with the Video Morning Announcements

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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Friday mornings at EHS are filled with excitement for the weekend. With faces of seniors Joe Paolucci and Justin Schulz in the video morning announcements, Fridays are more entertaining.


The EHS video announcements have become a tradition for every Friday morning, but most students are unaware of what happens behind the camera. Broadcasting club is in charge of the video’s production and thought it should take on a fresh spin.


“We heavily evaluated the morning show and saw it something people had to watch rather than something they wanted to watch,” junior Christopher Lott said.


Lott has been in broadcasting since his freshman year. He, along with other members, put a lot of hours into redesigning the show.


Junior Jakob Schoeberle wants the news show to surprise EHS viewers.


“We have been using the same intro and song for the past two years,” Schoeberle explained “and we feel it’s time to redesign and bring the quality that should be expected.”


Broadcasting is one of EHS’ student-driven clubs and senior president Bryce Fitzgerald is hopeful his peers like the new changes to the show.


“This year I’m really excited to have more of a different style of a morning show. For the past three years it has kind of been the same over and over again. Mixing it up a little will probably be fun,” Fitzgerald said.


Students will be able to see new changes every Friday. Lott hopes to continue improving each installment.


“(I’m excited to show) many of the graphic designs that I’ll be testing out this year,” Lott said. “I have a few ideas in store so if all goes well; it will add a lot more life into the show.”


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What’s Poppin’ with the Video Morning Announcements