You Gotta Get Up and Try, Try, Try


Isabella Lilley, Staff Writer

Oh, you didn’t even like try? Good thing, like, I don’t even care.

I am beyond fed up with bragging about incompetence. As much as I would like to bask in the beauty that is your unending ability to boast about something you don’t work for, I’d rather not bask in the beauty that is your unending ability to boast about something you don’t work for.

I’m in no way insulting God-given talents. But if you’re already prepositioned to do something well, imagine the success if you applied that effort.

It’s difficult for me to applaud what’s been given to you that you’ve not put forth effort. There’s absolutely no recognition deserved for ability that is granted.

What type of stories do we commend? The ones where individuals are faced with enormous opposition, and must fight against their natural tendencies, not simply display the ones they have. Choice is stronger than fate.

We have reality TV shows over it. We root and cry and cheer for contestants on the Biggest Loser for overcoming their struggle of poor health habits. I’d like to see how successful the show would be if we placed size 2 women who live off of Oreos and cheeseburgers on the scale saying “it just comes naturally.”

“Man I didn’t even study and got a 96.” Let me just call Ferris over here and you two can have a play date.

I have a friend who dedicates hours nightly to math, and still doesn’t do as well as other students who don’t even touch their homework. So not only are you lazy, but you’re lazy and completely capable. That’s what I call wasteful.

For some odd reason, we scold those who can’t reach past a C in certain courses despite their work, and divvy out medals to some due to their mental makeup.

If you settle for what is given to you, not only will you plateau, but you lack the drive to share your knowledge with others. How can you consider yourself successful if the only advancements you provide for the world are personal?

Don’t simply do what you must, but what you can. Set your own standards instead of meeting only to the expectations of the adults surrounding you. Fight against your natural tendency to do the bare minimal and utilize your abilities to the point of exhaustion. That is when you will reap the benefit.

I can assure you that you will never reach personal satisfaction without a desire for mastery. Expand your knowledge. Broaden your skills. Your sense of pride will rocket when you’re working for something greater than yourself.