Drew Bradley
Drew Bradley is a senior at Edwardsville High School, where he is a main contributor to The Claw newsmagazine. Drew’s hobbies include watching every kind of sport and talking to his friends about them. He loves the Green Bay Packers, the Portland Trail Blazers and several baseball teams. Drew is a varsity golfer, and is looking for a state championship run this year. Drew likes to listen to several kinds of music, from A Tribe Called Quest to Hippie Sabotage to Sublime, though most of his favorite songs are of the ‘90s hip-hop genre. He also likes many kinds of movies. Drew loves to hang out with friends, as he is very friendly and talkative. He also runs a lawn care service. Drew is also interested in men’s fashion. Drew owns a Yorkshire terrier named Hershey, a fun-loving dog. He is Drew’s best friend. That is Drew Bradley in a nutshell.

Drew Bradley , Staff Writer

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Drew Bradley