Senior Athletes Prepare For Their Final Seasons


Sam Hangslaben

Senior Caroline Marcus rushes the field in a game against Fort Zumwalt during the 2022 season.

Maddox Karnes, Arts and Entertainment editor

On average, approximately 7% of student athletes go on to play in college according to Recruit Look, and their senior season is far from their final one.

But for the other 93%, their senior season is their last.

Sam Wittek’s sports journey began when was in the sixth grade. Wittek joined the track and field team and he hasn’t departed since. He mostly runs the 800-meter, but can also be found running the occasional 400-meter.

“The thing that attracted me to doing track was that I had friends who did track when I was younger,” Wittek said. “I found out I was pretty good at it, so I just stuck with it.”

As Wittek enters his seventh and final year of running competitively, he has his goals laid out clearly before him.

“I’m hoping to run a good season and connect with my teammates,” Wittek said. “I want to try to lead the team well and set it up for success in the future years.”

His message to himself and his teammates is concise.

“We’re going to give it all we can give,” Wittek said.

Leaving a team you joined is a complex experience, but leaving one you created is a whole other concept.

Senior Caroline Marcus began the EHS lacrosse team back in 2021. Now, she’s about to experience her final season with them. 

“It’s genuinely just been fun for me,” Marcus said. “I love being a part of the team and hanging out with everyone. It definitely keeps me active… and it’s just a fun sport in general.”

Marcus plans on attending the University of Tennessee next year. Even though she will no longer be playing lacrosse competitively, she hopes to retain her love for the sport.

“I want to play club or intramurals at college just for fun,” Marcus said. “At the University of Tennessee it’s a very big thing to do intramural sports. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

By playing intramurals, Marcus seeks to gain the same things got out of forming the high school team.

“I just want to make friends through it, especially going somewhere new,” Marcus said. “I want to be able to do the same thing again.”