Track Seniors Recognized


Photo by Annabel Carr

Senior Joe Burkhart competes at the March 25 meet.

Jaelyn Hudson, A&E editor

As the school year winds down and the end of the track season comes closer, the coaches take a moment to celebrate their graduating team members. At their last two meets, the track seniors celebrated the closing of their final season. 

According to Emilie Fry, the senior girls got the chance to walk across the track on Tuesday, while the staff handed them a flower and shared their name, parents’ names, future plans and favorite track memory with the crowd. 

“It means a lot, especially having been a part of the team since freshman year,” Fry said. “The bond with the coaches and other girls is just irreplaceable.”

Senior Jillian Welsh agrees.

“It’s so amazing to be recognized because it shows the hard work and dedication that I have put towards track,” Welsh said. “It also gives me an opportunity to reminisce on some of my favorite or funny track memories. I am so honored to have even been a part of the team, so it was a great experience.”

Senior Geo Patrylak, along with the rest of the senior boys, had their senior night on Saturday, April 23. 

Patrylak, whose father helps coach the track team, was introduced to the sport by his family but found his passion for running and continued through high school. 

“My love for the sport brings me back,” Patrylak said. “I’ve been with this team since I’ve been born, so I’ve always wanted to be here as a Tiger.”

For Patrylak and Welsh, some of her best memories came from spending time with teammates, even having snowball fights during preseason training. 

“I just love the atmosphere,” Welsh said. “Everyone is so encouraging and they are truly some of my best friends. We push each other to be better runners and I just love to be a part of the team.”

Fry, too, has continued to bond with the team throughout the season, which makes the sport even more memorable and enjoyable for them. 

“My favorite part would have to be becoming close with all the girls,” Fry said. “It makes long meets so much more fun because then you’re cheering on your best friends out there. The girls and coaches are like a second family, and I’m going to miss that part the most.”