Influencer to Battle Olympian

Paul Versus Mayweather

Daniel Garrison, Staff Writer

Floyd Mayweather will come out of retirement on Feb. 20 to put on the gloves against one of his more notable opponents to date: Youtuber Logan Paul.

This is the third time the undefeated boxer is coming out of retirement, including his 2017 match against MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

With one draw and one loss by decision against YouTuber KSI, Paul’s record is not as impressive.

Unsurprisingly, Mayweather is the heavy favorite to win. Senior Myles Jefferson thinks Mayweather has too much experience to lose to an amateur boxer like Paul.

“Logan Paul won’t be able to compete with [Mayweather] at all,” Jefferson said. “Logan’s technique and boxing proficiency are on a base amateur level. I don’t even think Logan would be competitive with trained amateur boxers. Floyd is an Olympic medalist and 50-0 professionally. Logan won’t be very competitive in the fight.”

Senior Kyle Polson always thinks that Mayweather will win but warns against counting Paul out.

“Logan is 6-foot-2 and Floyd is only 5-foot-10,” Polson said. “I think Mayweather will win, but Logan might have a chance because he is so much younger and bigger.”

Jefferson agrees that Paul is not completely hopeless.

“Floyd has hand problems, and he’s getting older,” Jefferson said. “Anything can happen in the sport of boxing so who knows.” 

Logan and his brother Jake Paul have been boxing since 2018 and have boxed other YouTubers. Since then, Jake Paul knocked out ex-NBA star Nate Robinson in November, and he went on to challenge Conor McGregor. Logan reportedly hopes to fight Chris Hemsworth after Mayweather.

However, if Logan wants to get to Thor, he will have to get through Mayweather first.