Senior Volleyball Players Learn to Volley on a New Court

Lily Heddinghaus, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has robbed many student athletes of their traditional senior seasons.

EHS’s fall sports, with the exceptions of golf, cross country and girls tennis, have been postponed to the spring. Athletes are left with holes in their schedules to fill, and a few volleyball players are doing just that.

Three senior volleyball players jumped at the opportunity to join the girls tennis team.

“I really like tennis, and I always wanted to play. I never could because it was during the same season as volleyball,” senior Rhianna Huebner said. “I just wanted to do something out of my comfort zone for my senior year.”

Huebner likes that the tennis coaches are supportive and dedicated to teaching her technique even without her having any prior experience.

“They are athletic, hard-working kids, and we are happy to help them develop as athletes physically, intellectually, and emotionally,” head tennis coach Dave Lipe said.

Although the volleyball coaches didn’t influence the girls decision to play, their new tennis skills may increase their athleticism.

“Just a couple of us decided that it would be fun to stay active while learning a new sport,” senior Morgan Tulacro said.

Tulacro believes training with tennis is making her stronger on the volleyball court.

“I think it will help my footwork, increase my speed, and keep me on my feet because you don’t dive in tennis,” Tulacro said.

Senior Alexa Harris’s 2019-2020 club volleyball season ended five months early because of COVID-19, and the unexpected break inspired her to try something new.

 “Staying in shape was my main motivator to play tennis. I also just wanted to try out a new stress-free sport,” Harris said. “Tennis is a lot more relaxed for me because I am a beginner, compared to volleyball where I have been playing competitively for years at the highest level.”

Although the volleyball players have found tennis to be beneficial, they expressed their excitement for the upcoming volleyball season.

“I honestly would love to continue to play tennis competitively, but I doubt I will. I’m not quite good enough yet to pull that off,” Huebner said. “After this tennis season, I plan on refocusing on volleyball.”

Harris, Tulacro and Huebner agree that playing tennis has lifted their senior spirits.

“I probably wouldn’t have joined if I was an under-classman, but it is my senior year. I want to make the most of it since so much has already been taken away,” Tulacro said.