New Bowling Coach Settles In

Through a tumultuous season starting with the graduation of key players and a coaching change, the girls bowling team created strong bonds.

“Bowling is actually a really frustrating thing to do,” sophomore Charlotte Hayes said. “Sometimes I get into my own head, but for the team I feel like we are doing the best we can.”

According to Hayes, the southwestern conference provides tough competition. Practice and a strong mental game can help, she said.

“[I] mentally… just focus on the next frame and if I did bad,” Hayes said, “[then I] just forget what happened.”

Halfway through the season, EHS English teacher Deanne Voegele took over as coach. According to sophomore Ashley Kuethe, coach Voegele has plenty of experience.

“She is very encouraging and always offers tips if she notices that one of us is struggling a little,” Kuethe said.

Coach Voegele assumed the position from former coach Kimber Moscardelli at the beginning of second semester.

“I’ve been enjoying learning how the matches are run and how the scoring works,” coach Voegele said. “The other coaches in the SWC have been very helpful in teaching me what needs to be done at each match.”

Although she misses coach Moscardelli, Hayes said that coach Voegele and the team are adjusting well.

“She is very supportive of all of us,” Hayes said. “Especially when we are down.”

The atmosphere of the team is what excites coach Vogele.

“Whenever a bowler gets on a roll with quite a few strikes in a row, the crowd gets behind him or her even if they are fans of the opposing team…,” coach Voegele said. “It’s a great group of girls.”

Along with support from coach Voegele, the team draws from each other.

“Everyone cheers each other on, so no matter what, there’s always good vibes,” Kuethe said. “I look forward to going to bowling every day because we always just make the best of it.”