Behind-the-Scene Supporters: Stat Girls

Katelyn Harris, Staff Writer

Behind the scenes of every wrestling match are stat girls working hard to keep scores and take videos.

Junior Holly Williams, who is going on her second year of being a stat girl said her and seven other girls work together as stat girls for the team.

“As stat girls we travel with the wrestlers and keep track of the points scored and results of each match,” Williams said. “Subsequently, we put those results into the computer to help develop an accurate record of each wrestler during the season.”

When there are home meets, they get to run the clock at the table as well as still keep score.

Senior Briann Beyer who has been a stat girl for three years said, “I take the scores and do videos of all the wrestlers.

“We also all enter in those stats and videos into a computer for the coaches and wrestlers to look at and to improve on for later matches that they will most likely have with the same guys.”

Sophomore Nicole Anderson is also a stat girl and is going on her second year as being one.

To become a stat girl you can be recruited by friends who are already on stats or by coaches Anderson said.

“My brother was a wrestler and so my dad talked to Mr. Heinz about having me do stats.”

Anderson enjoys watching her boyfriend wrestle so being on stats, she’s able to see his matches.

“When he [her boyfriend] wrestles I usually stat or record his matches.”

Williams said she likes how the stat girls get to know each other and bond with not only each other but also with the coaches and wrestlers.

“My favorite part is getting to know everyone and watching them succeed in something they worked really hard for, wrestlers, stat girls, and coaches included.”