Tigers Close Out the Season With Win at Home

Jack Pifer, Staff Writer

Friday Oct. 18 was an emotional game for the many seniors on the EHS football team. For the senior boys their very last home game was a victory over O’Fallon.

Going into the fourth quarter tied with just under 10 minutes left, junior running back Justin Johnson Jr. put the tigers in the lead 20-14.

“The turning point was when Lloyd Reynolds got the fumble recovery,” senior Nicholas Hylla said.

After this, the Tigers extended their lead to the final 26-14 score when Johnson Jr. scored his third touchdown of the game.

After missing the previous two games with an injury Johnson Jr. told the Edwardsille Intelligencer, “I was very excited to be back. It was kind of tough sitting on the sideline and watching the team. Others were able to step up while I was gone. I’m back now.”

The game wasn’t pretty though.

While Edwardsville may have taken off with the win, throughout the game the Tigers racked up more than a dozen penalties and five turnovers against themselves

O’Fallon capitalized off of the calls against EHS to score its 14 total points.

“It’s good to know you can hold a team like that,” senior Jacob Morrissey commented, “even with bad calls.”

Morrissey said he came into the game like any other, with a calm and collected state of mind, and that he fought until the clock ran down.

“After this game in particular there was a huge sense of satisfaction,” Morrissey said. “I wasn’t ecstatic but at peace with the fact we got the job done.”

This victory puts the Tigers at 6-2 for the season.

“I was happy we won,” Hylla said, “but it’s on to the next game and the playoffs.”

The regular season is now over and the bittersweet final playoff run begins for each senior.

“I look forward to these last few games with my brothers,” Morrissey said. “We’re going to take it one week at a time and fight to the end.”