Super Bowl 53 Leaves Fans Bored, Discouraged by Patriots Win

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Super Bowl 53 Leaves Fans Bored, Discouraged by Patriots Win

Sam Lance, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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It was a boring Super Bowl for most.

Only 16 combined points were scored, the lowest ever in a Super Bowl, and if you weren’t a Rams or Patriots fan the game lacked excitement.

“You know I talked to Bill Belichick before the game,” geology teacher and patriots fan Adam Tyler said. “He said ‘you know what I’m going to make this a boring game for all the haters.’ I’m tired of giving the haters good Super Bowls.”

For a lot of students at EHS, picking the winner was like picking between the devil and his sister.

The Rams left us and well, who likes the Patriots?

“Honestly I just hope the Patriots win so Mr. Tyler isn’t in a bad mood on Monday,” junior Owen Lappe said at a Super Bowl Party.

The party, full of 16 guys, were rather split on their opinion of who would win the game. Nine people were in support of the Patriots and seven in favor of the Rams.

The game started with a bang, and in the first drive for New England Tom Brady threw his first interception of the postseason.

However, the Patriots responded in the second quarter with a 42-yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski.

The first points for the Rams didn’t come until late in the third quarter with a 53-yard field goal, which the patriots shortly responded to with a touchdown in the fourth.

After the Rams threatened to score late, quarterback Jared Goff threw a crucial interception that would seal the game. The Patriots added another field goal as the game came to a close.

While it may not have been the most interesting Super Bowl in recent memory, junior Gavin Reames believes it solidified Tom Brady’s goat status.

“He’s got six rings and no other organization besides the Steelers has more than him,” he said. “He’s always able to come up with the big plays, and it was evident again in the Super Bowl.”

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