EHS Bowling Team Off To a Striking Start

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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Bowling team has been an overlooked sports team at EHS. But with only a few members, the team believes they are on the right lane to win.

The team of 14 girls and eight boys practice at the Edison’s Entertainment Complex. Senior Amy Malcharek knows that bowling practice seems a bit strange to an outsider.

“Every Monday through Friday we have practices, unless we have a match that day,” Malcharek said. “Practices usually consist of coach helping up improve our shots on different oil patterns, and this seems to work to our advantage.”

So far, the team has competed in one tournament, in which they placed fifth out of 20 teams, as well as two matches where they won against Alton High School but lost to Collinsville High School.

Senior Maren McSparin not only bowls but played on the field hockey team. She sees the differences between the two sports but loves them both.

“Bowling is physical,” McSparin said, “as evidenced by all of our messed up knees, shoulders and fingers but it is a lot less running than field hockey. The physical intensity is a lot greater in field, but both sports are very technical.”

McSparin knows the connotation the bowling team gets and she hopes that more people understand its complexity.

“I want people to know it is a sport. It is a game, but it’s one we have passion for just like in other sports,” McSparin said. “It requires work like anything else.”

Though they compete, the team knows how to enjoy each practice, match and tournament.

Senior Rachel McTague is a four-year bowling team player but she didn’t start be career at EHS.

“I have been bowling my whole life, bowling with my dad, in leagues with my cousins and just for fun,” McTague said. “I was new to the school district my freshman year so I decided to join and give it a try since I enjoyed it so much.”

Bowling may not appear to be a social sport, but because McTague has joined the team she has met her best friend. Malcharek agrees that she has made friends through the team.

“I’ve definitely gained some of my closest friends through bowling,” Malcharek said, “which makes me enjoy bowling even more than I already do.”

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EHS Bowling Team Off To a Striking Start