Dunbar Shoots and Scores! And Scores, And Scores, And Scores

Isabella Lilley, Staff Writer

Clammy fingers, bent knees, eyes focused. Even the noise of respiration is silenced by held breaths. She shoots, and she scores. Held breaths become hollering shrieks of excitement as senior Kortney Dunbar does it again. Next step: committing to play basketball for the University of Tennessee.

The 6-foot-2 inch shooting guard with an undefeated high school record in conference, received offers from Louisville, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Penn State, UCLA, Miami, Florida and many more.

She chose Tennessee because of the tradition. “They are known for Lady Vols Basketball and they have won eight national championships. They have the best fans in the country and the most fan attendance as well,”Dunbar said.

Ms. Lori Blade, Dunbar’s coach for the past four years, has watched Dunbar grow both athletically and through character with the extensive hours they have spent together. “There’s a mutual respect for what we both do. Kortney respects the game and the staff really well.”

Dunbar has been perfecting her game since she was four years old. “ My dad threw me a ball, and I got attached ever since.”

Since that day, Dunbar was scouted at a school practice where she was asked to try out for Midwest Elite Platinum, an Amateur Athletic Union basketball league. “[It was] the best decision of my life.”

Now, in all the preparation that will follow before this fall, Dunbar refuses to forget all the love and support she received from her family, friends and coaches.

“My family has been by my side since day one. Everyone had a say in all of it. They wanted me to be happy, and I wanted them to be happy with my choice, and they were.”

With her friends and coaches involved in the process, Dunbar says that they helped her tremendously. “They made the recruiting process a lot more fun.”

Ms. Blade anticipates what the college years will bring for Kortney. “She’ll be challenged with some new obstacles she hasn’t had yet. [It will] all depend on how she responds to them.”

With the school chosen, and only the anticipation of the four years to come, Dunbar reminds us what her high school career has meant and how the people in it have helped her make the journey.

“It’s a blessing. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for everyone pushing me, caring for me, and most importantly loving me. I wouldn’t trade anything I have for the world, and I can’t wait until I put on that Tennessee Lady Vols jersey.”