Wear Your Masks

Landon Vuagniaux, Sports Editor

Being teenagers, some of my peers are prone to moronic tendencies such as excessive bathroom vaping, but simply choosing to improperly wear a mask ranks first in our most idiotic practices.

Maybe people choose to remain oblivious to the worldwide mess we’re in, or maybe they’re too high on their own pride to shift their masks up an inch.

But it’s unjustifiable.

Neglecting nose coverage is failing to shield two-thirds of the holes on people’s faces; they’re rolling out the red carpet for COVID-19.

Breathing through the nose is the most efficient way to transmit the virus, and according to NBC, it “[generates] a higher concentration of infectious aerosol” than exhaling through the mouth, which often receives the bulk of a mask’s coverage.

It’s like going to a tackle shop, buying a new bait and tying it to a fishing line without a hook. You may think you’re fishing, but in reality, your chances of catching anything are almost zero.

In the same way, pulling a mask below the nose or mouth renders the mask ineffective. 

Those who only put their mask up in class or when passing teachers in the halls are the worst offenders. They know what they’re doing is wrong.

Honestly, it’s embarrassing that people don’t understand the blatantly obvious: If you’re packed into hallways with 2,000 other students, social distancing isn’t feasible, so you need to wear a mask correctly.

It’s a simplistic concept, and we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 for over a year now. It’s plausible that overcoming the pandemic has taken so long because of the people who defy mask mandates.

Anyone age 2 and older is expected to wear a mask in public, according to the CDC. If a toddler can do it, teenagers can too. Remote learning may have caused a regression in intellect, but that is no excuse. 

Actually, what is your excuse? You “can’t breathe”? COVID-19 can’t hurt you? Tell it to the 500,000 people who, according to Fox News, died as a result of the virus. You’re being ignorant, irresponsible and irrational. 

So pause for a moment, reflect on your flawed thought process and please stop being a maskhole!