Biden Takes Important Liberal Steps without Hesitation

Marian Steinmann, Staff Writer

During my daily scroll through social media, I noticed a new wave of anger from the more politically-vocal classmates I follow. This time, the unrest stemmed from President Biden’s rapidly expanding list of executive orders.

By his 12th day in office, Biden had signed 12 executive orders affecting everything from the economy to healthcare.

The president made an exciting environmental advancement when he rejoined the Paris climate accord, an international agreement to slow climate change. Former President Barack Obama signed the agreement in 2015, and former President Donald Trump withdrew from it in 2017.

Other notable orders include accelerating the vaccine rollout, strengthening Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and extending the pause on federal student loans.

Each time Biden’s pen touches paper, I can feel my stress levels lowering, and I repeat to myself that the agony of the past four years is finally over.

Not everyone shares this point of view. Some believe Biden is overstepping his role by passing more executive orders in the first two weeks than Trump and Obama combined.

Considering the state of the global pandemic and the number of social issues Trump fostered during his presidency, Biden has a significant to-do list; I see no problem with him starting right away.

The first 100 days of a presidency are said to foreshadow the rest of the term, and based on the progress Biden has made in a few short weeks, the next four years look promising. I anticipate his term will mirror the important liberal actions he’s already taken.

Although Biden’s inauguration was weeks ago, sometimes I still find myself hesitant to believe we have a new president; it all seems too good to be true. Our leader’s executive orders comfort me and give me hope that our country can heal and reshape into a nation we can all be proud of again.