Should Bernie Stay in the Race?

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Fight to the bitter end. It’s been a rallying cry of political campaigns for generations, and just as we invoked it in 2016, the time has come to ask an important question.

Should Bernie drop out of the race?

As a long time Sanders supporter and believer in sticking to your principles, it should come to no one’s surprise that until Joe Biden is officially the Democratic nominee, I think Bernie should keep fighting.

And the wake of COVID-19 has only bolstered my belief in this ideal. With the giant toll the virus has already taken on the nation, Sanders has held online town halls, fought for more widespread testing and called for a suspension in bills being due until people’s relief checks actually reach them.

Where has Joe been in the face of this disaster?  Only now setting up an in-home studio to broadcast his own updates and opinions on the situation. 

If any more topical show of the difference between these two candidates is available I don’t know of it. There’s a reason Sanders supporters believe in him so strongly. They pay attention to what makes him so special in the world of politics: his passion and dedication.

And as cheesy as that sounds, idealism is, at the end of the slog-fest that is nominating a Democratic candidate, what’s worth fighting for. The hopefulness for the future that Sanders instills is what I voted for in the primaries and why he should stay in the race.

Because truly, it’s not over until it’s over. Upsets do happen.

Nothing inspires an upset quite like someone with a record of defending and fighting for what they believe is right and the continued drive to do so.