The Democrats Need to Stop the Unfriendly Fire

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In any race, it’s imperative that the second and third place competitors not turn on each other, lest the frontrunner find their lead larger than ever. Senators Warren and Sanders, however, did not heed this advice.

During a meeting in December 2018, Sanders reportedly told Warren that a woman could never beat Trump in a race for the White House.

“Many Sanders voters see a cynically orchestrated hit piece by Warren or her allies to save her candidacy and hurt Sanders in the final stretch of the campaign, coming more than a year after the meeting took place,” Politico reported.

Both progressive support bases took decisive action in their statements of who to believe.

“Several people supporting or strongly considering Warren, however, see a stubborn man defensively insisting he said nothing wrong and trying to paint Warren as either oversensitive or a liar,” Politico reported.

The whole affair only escalated when both candidates accused the other of being a liar after a debate, still on stage. Thankfully, this Martin Luther King Jr. Day they marched arm in arm and the feud between the two is calming down, but projected polls are putting Joe Biden further and further ahead where it counts.

At the end of the fight, any Democrat, yes even Amy Klobuchar, will put the United States in a much better posture for regain the glory lost in the past three years by Donald Trump.