Australian Prime Minister Flounders Amidst Rising Crisis

Lauren Johnson, Staff Writer

The most primitive fact of geography is this: winter in the West translates to summer in the East.

The poor Aussies need not be reminded that they’re in summer. Maybe that has to do with the fact that Australia is ablaze—and it’s worse than ever before.

According to BBC News, the bush fires have devoured an estimated 15.6 million acres of land over the past Australian “dry spell.” To give you a better understanding, that’s nearly eight times greater than the California regions affected by 2018 mass wildfires.

The fires have claimed at least 28 lives now as of Monday, according to BBC News. Additionally, ecologists at the University of Sydney, according to ABC News, even estimate that the wildlife death toll has climbed to one billion.

But perhaps the most perturbing event thus far, in the midst of the fires, is that Prime Minister Scott Morrison was forced to cut-short his holiday in Hawaii and actually address the issue (God forbid).

I mean, really… if a third of your country is being consumed by raging bush fires, now is not the time for a Mai Tai.

That’s like being the first off the ship when you’re the captain. Morrison, thou shalt go down with thy ship!

At the very least, reconstruct your climate change action to fit domestic needs before there isn’t anything left of your country. Given his financial support of the new Australian power plant in March, he clearly hasn’t ended his love affair with the fossil-fuel industry. According to the Guardian, Morrison threw $10 million towards a project to revamp a coal plant in Northwest Australia.

Morrison’s inaction has rightfully stoked a most fearsome flame: the people of Sydney who quite literally live and breathe the effects of the fires. Morrison responded to the outcry by doing what he does best: dancing around the real issue.

“You cannot link any individual single emissions reduction policy of a country – whether it’s Australia or anyone else – to any specific fire event. I mean, that’s just absurd,” Morrison said last week in an ABC News interview.

But as the Guardian commented, not even Greta Thunberg is making that claim and that the Australian PM is “very good at defeating arguments no one is making.”