The Do’s and Don’ts of Women’s Dressing Etiquette

Isabella Lilley, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year ladies. The animals start hibernating and (hopefully) so does your skin. For those of you not as up-to-date or informed on what is and isn’t appropriate for cold-weather events, I have taken the burden, no, the duty, to lay down the do’s and don’ts for winter dressing.

It’s unfair to create a rule of dress that encompasses all functions, parties and everyday festivities. Each of these presents a separate environment: different activities, different set-ups, and well, different types of people. So, shall we begin with the place you spend most of your time: school.

I know, I know. It’s so tempting to justify your wearing of knee-high boots with that sweater dress that doesn’t reach past your hips. You convince yourself that they’re both winter clothing items. However, if the reflection from your legs is so tremendous that you can’t see your way down the hallway, you’re probably overexposed. Try adding some solid black, chocolate brown or dark gray leggings (PLEASE no tights) to your ensemble. This way, you won’t sacrifice your winter look or your chance of frostbite.

Whether we like it or not, the majority of us congregate with family for one holiday or another to share the day and a meal together. I know you and Auntie Shelia may be tighter than your two first fingers twisted together, but the comfortability does not make it okay for you to show up to her house wearing your sweats from sixth grade cheerleading, with your hair still in a bun from the night before. A cozy pair of skinny jeans, boots, and a nice sweater will suffice. You shouldn’t feel obligated to curl, straighten or put an up do in your hair. But goodness gracious, at least put a comb through it.

As high school students, many of us begin our journey of dating. If someone shows interest in you, and is willing to ask you out, you should take a rather high concern in your appearance. It gives off a feel of what type of person you are to your date, which can determine what will or will not become of that relationship. If you show up to Bread Co. while there’s snow on the ground with  a top only covering the middle portion of your torso, you should expect to get something from the relationship, but don’t expect it to extend past that night.

For those of you exclusively seeing someone, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family may like you enough to invite you to their family functions. That’s a big step. One you don’t want to screw up. Be flattered enough by the invite that you look like your companion’s girlfriend, not his or her mistress. Don’t compromise the view your date’s family may have of him or her for his taste in women. I can, with one hundred percent certainty, confirm that wearing a turtleneck sweater, some loose curls, and light blush and mascara will get your date’s mother in her good graces, which will guarantee a much smoother relationship for you both.

Your judgment of proper dressing should in no way be limited to the guidelines I have set forward but they should serve as a base. Use that mirror and maybe your tape measure if necessary, just make sure that your second grade, 73-year-old teacher wouldn’t fall over dead if he or she saw you.