EHS Constructs Plans for Improvement



The EHS media center is one of the sites for possible future construction.

Maddox Karnes, Arts and Entertainment editor

EHS has a student body of over 2,000 people. This means it has more people in it than over 900 towns in Illinois, according to 

With such a population, the student body struggles to stay confined within the walls of EHS. However, recent statements from school officials say that may change

District 7 has unveiled plans for reconstruction to take place at multiple schools, including EHS. These works will depend on if a bond sale is approved on April 4. 

One of the possible changes is an addition to the cafeteria and commons. Dr. Steve Stuart offered some insight into the new changes.

“Basically, what they’re looking at is extending out into the grass area, and just extending the cafeteria [which] will create more seating,” Dr. Stuart said.

This add-on would be an addition of 7,000 square feet to the commons. Dr. Stuart hopes that the new space could also be used after school hours for extracurricular activities as well as offer a larger space for lunch.

Another addition being discussed is a transformation of the media center. 

“One of the plans we’re looking at is converting the media center into classrooms,” Dr. Stuart said. “Then not right away, but very soon after, we’d have to build a new media center.”

This “new” media center would be located off the side of the current one and extend into the green space, according to Dr. Stuart.

By creating new classrooms, this would affect the way the Nelson campus is used.

“We wouldn’t have to send the ninth graders out there in the morning and the afternoon,” Dr. Stuart said. “We could contain everyone in here.”

Dr. Stuart says the Nelson campus would then serve a different purpose if this construction comes to fruition. Instead of sending underclassmen to the Nelson campus, it would be designed for seniors to go and take college level and dual credit courses.

With all these changes, many students have thoughts. Sophomore Sean Henson is happy at the idea that Nelson may no longer be a required excursion for underclassmen.

“Last year I had the misfortune of going to morning Nelson, it was horrible,” Henson said. “By removing the Nelson area and changing the current media center, incoming freshmen would be able to socialize more and not feel as isolated.”

Henson’s feelings remain positive with the idea of cafeteria construction.

“I think the expansion of the cafeteria will be very beneficial to all students… because there will be more room for the students to enjoy lunch and work on their assignments,” Henson said.

As to when these changes can start being made, Dr. Stuart has an answer.

“If everything passes… we’d start on the media center right at the end of school,” Dr. Stuart said. “So we’d get it going right away.”