Students Celebrate Prom After Normal Event is Cancelled

Cassi Reaka, Editor-in-Chief

While there will still be no traditional prom this year, EHS seniors have the opportunity to attend a “Sneaker Gala” hosted in the parking lot. The event will be when it is still light outside, from 6-8:30, but gives students the opportunity to attend an event without having to organize it themselves. 

Senior Lydia Foster is planning to attend the parking lot prom with a group of friends and helped to plan the prom week activities as part of Student Council.  

“I am excited to just be able to have an event for the seniors where we can all be together,” Foster said. “I’m also excited to be able to do something that resembles prom, so getting dressed up and hanging out with friends will be a lot of fun.”

Seniors who do not want to participate in the outdoor prom are planning alternate ways to have a prom. Senior Livia Rathgeb is planning to attend one of these alternate proms.

“I think having less people and more of your closer friends could make it better,” Rathgeb said. 

Since the prom is for seniors only, many juniors are planning events with friends. Though many are just taking pictures, a few are planning a larger event. 

Junior Morgan Landry and a group of friends rented the Holiday Shores Clubhouse and invited 50 people. The group did something similar for homecoming and since that went so well, they decided to hold another for prom. 

They are providing food and drinks for the guests and formal dress is required, according to Landry. Although she is looking forward to it, Landry still hopes for a normal prom her senior year.

“I think a smaller event with all of your friends is cool, but I would still want a regular prom,” Landry said. “We can’t match everything the prom provides.”