EPIC Raises Money; Fundraisers Help Peers

Taylor Meek, A&E Editor

For the last four years, EHS has students that have made it their duty to help peers and faculty who are in need by raising money through fundraisers throughout each school year.

EPIC raises money for organizations such as Tigers Giving Forward, which helps local people who are in financial need do to medical-related fees.

“EPIC mostly runs Tigers Giving Forward but many other activities help support the great cause like sports teams sell(ing) raffle tickets and the Tiger Den donates,” EPIC officer senior Elizabeth Viox said.

“Tigers Giving Forward is an organization that helps raise money throughout the school year to give back to students and faculty who are experiencing chronic health problems,” EPIC member junior Anne Kuene said.

The club hosts events that are accessible to the student body.

Throughout the school year, EPIC conducts fundraisers such as selling snow cones during lunch periods, selling T-shirts and baseball caps and hosting the annual EHS Extravaganza, which was previously referred to as the Lip Sync Battle until this year.

“Tigers Giving Forward raises money for people with unexpected or outstanding medical expenses. Each year we do a raffle and some other fundraisers…” Viox said.

Tigers Giving Forward has raised over $20,000 since it began, according to a Facebook post made by Dr. Cramsey in July 2018.

This money didn’t just come from school events, however, but also from donations made by students, staff, parents and others.”

Tigers Giving Forward has helped EHS students like Jasmyne Clinton, Zoe Kinstra and Tiana Washington, according to the Facebook Post as well.

If you would like to donate to this cause you can make checks payable to Tigers Giving Forward and mail your donation to the school.