Podcasting Club Talks Future Plans

Ryan Stewart, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Clubs are a big part of life at EHS, and new clubs are always a welcome sight, but one in particular is looking to cover a swath of topics and provide students with entertaining and important content to listen to.

Podcasting club is here and ready to talk.

Senior Co-President Scottlyn Ballard said that the members have been ready to get some podcasting done, and you’ll be seeing (and hearing) their first episode very soon.

“We are planning to release an introductory episode featuring what we can do as a whole, including an interview with Mr. Baker, as well as Blank Verses, a Poetry discussion segment,” Ballard said. “In the future, we hope to expand our capabilities to have more individualized segments that we will compile into episodes.”

Ballard went on to explain how the club met and exceeded her expectations, and she finds the experience meaningful and is hopeful for the future.

“In the back of my mind, I imagined it would be a lot like what we hear on the radio; that natural, humorous flow to it,” Ballard said. “And it’s a lot like that. It’s also really been an eye opener because I’ve never had any experience with podcasting.

“Getting hands-on with the equipment, hearing the great ideas our members have for future segments — it makes me proud that we are the first ones to make it happen.”

Junior Club Historian Aidan Leopold is also looking to what he hopes will be in store for the club; he believes that they are still just getting started, but have solid ideas for the future.

“My main goal is to get podcasting to a point where we can give members and their friends the opportunity to make podcasts together while retaining a strong main podcast,” Leopold said. “I would personally love to see podcasting get to a place where someone could come with an idea and a friend or two and make something they can really call their own.”

Junior Co-Secretary Angel Jenkins agrees with Leopold about wanting to make the club a place for everyone to come and feel comfortable recording in.

“I think so far we are doing a pretty good job at making people feel important but we still have a lot of work to do,” Jenkins said. “It’s rewarding to see all the smiles every week and hear about everyone’s ideas.”

Leopold and Ballard believe that the club is not only fulfilling from the perspective of making work that you can be proud of, but also from the atmosphere of cooperation and brainstorming.

“I honestly love everything about making podcasts,” Leopold said. “The recording is so fun and it feels really good knowing something I worked on is out there for people to listen to.

“Even taking a step back from the actual making of the podcasts, the group environment has been amazing.”