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Weather Complications Cause Postponement of Tigerstock to April 19

Lindsey Odom & Kelsey Sims, Editor-In-Chief & Student Life Editor

April 5, 2013

EHS’s annual Tigerstock Concert Festival has been postponed until April 19 due to inclement weather, according to Student Council.  Students who have not yet purchased their tickets now have until April 19 to do so. Those...

Chill Out For a Cause

Kelsey Sims, Student Life Editor

March 15, 2013

National Honor Society will be hosting its first Chillin’ With Children event this weekend in order to raise money for the Feed My Starving Children Organization.  This organization strives to collect donations for malnourished...

I Pledge Allegiance to the Mole…

Cristina Rivera-Bosques, Staff Writer

November 15, 2012

Mole Day--the Chemistry equivalent of the 4th of July. The celebration kicked off in chemistry teacher Sara Chapman’s room with the mole pledge as students rose from their seats, faced the mole flag, and read off of their sheets. Next, Mrs. Chapman read aloud the “Ten Mole-mandments.” In the...

Student Council Interviews Future Leaders

Shawn Semmler, Staff Writer

November 15, 2012

Student Council began its bi-annual process of screening potential candidates in a tradition called “StuCo Interviews.” These three to seven minute time slots act as a tryout for the sport that is StuCo.   “Throughout...

EHS Students Make Their Voices Heard

Lindsey Odom, Editor-In-Chief

November 13, 2012

Even though they won’t technically count towards the national vote, students’ voices were heard in the mock election Friday Nov. 2, as Senior Nick Ferrari announced the election of sitting President Barack Obama by a scant...

NHS to Sponsor Food and Supply Drive for Troops

Lindsey Odom, Editor-In-Chief

October 29, 2012

National Honors Society is sponsoring a collection for troops overseas until Nov. 9, including letters, candy, and other food items.   The competition will run throughout the week of  Nov. 5, and winners will be announced...

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