Euphoria Season 2 Premier Sets Up for Great Season: Review

Tyler Chrenka, Editor-in-Chief

The first episode of the second season of HBO’s “Euphoria” was released Jan. 9—over two years since season one was released—and it was worth the wait. 

The episode takes focus on the town’s drug dealer, Fez, opening up with a montage about his upbringing. After revealing that Fez has been dealing drugs since he was a child, the show cuts from the flashback to an intense scene between Fez and his supplier and boss, Mouse.

Mouse is confronting Fez about the lost drug revenue from when his house was raided by the police in season 1. It seems that Mouse is about to kill Fez, but before he can do anything, Fez’s brother, Ash, sneaks behind Mouse and bludgeons him with a hammer. 

Now that Mouse is dead, Fez and Ash venture out to find a new supplier, winding up at a sketchy apartment complex. They get threatened and stripped searched by the supplier’s workers, but end up making a deal that will allow them to continue selling. 

At this point, Fez’s life and business is back on track, but he still wants to get revenge on Nate (If you don’t remember, Nate called the police to Fez’s apartment in season 1), so he shows up to a New Year’s Eve party that he expects to find Nate.

Like in every party scene from the first season, drama ensues. The show cuts to Cassie and Nate having sex in the bathroom, but as they are in the middle of the deed, they are interrupted by Maddie, Nate’s ex-girlfriend and Cassie’s best friend, pounding on the door. 

Nate helps a terrified Cassie hide behind the bathroom curtain, and then he leaves like nothing happened. Maddie comes in to use the restroom, but she does not see Cassie before leaving. For the rest of the night, Cassie is upset over the realization that she just had sex with her best friend’s ex—a big no-no. 

Rue spends the night trying to avoid Jules, and she stumbles upon a new character, Elliot, played by Dominic Fike. The two hit it off, but then Rue becomes sick and fears she is going into cardiac arrest. She quickly feels better, but this leaves Elliot spooked. 

“I don’t think it is a good thing we ran into each other,” Elliot says. 

Rue responds that she disagrees. The two spend the rest of the night together. 

Jules and Cat make their season debuts in a shot of them dancing at the party, but nothing else significant happens to them in the first episode. 

At the party, Fez runs into Lexi and strikes up a conversation with her. The two surprisingly hit it off, but then Nate walks into the frame. Fez gets up and pounds a bottle over Nate’s head and then punches him in the face. Fez run’s away, and then the episode ends. 

This new episode leaves me wondering a lot of things. I wonder if Maddie will find out that Cassie had sex with Nate. I also wonder if Nate will fight back against Fez or if he will back off. 

Just like the first season, the plot of Euphoria season two is driven by the characters. There is already so much to unpack from the first episode, and it is evident that the new season is going to be very exciting.