Top 10 Netflix Movies, Shows for Holiday Season

Abi Zajac, Opinion Editor

I am quite a fan of holiday movies. After finals, I like to devour the Christmas section of Netflix, my favorite being the hallmark-type-romances that recycle the same plot, but give the character different occupations; nothing says Christmas to me like romance. That being said, I tried to include movie suggestions from romance to comedy on this list.

“Dash and Lily”– My favorite young adult holiday series lived up to its screen adaption. With “quirky” characters and fun camera work, it is easy to get swept up into Dash and Lily’s holiday romance in only eight episodes.

“Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas”– The Grinch will always be a holiday staple in my book. The live version the Grinch never fail to entertain, plus it is great to watch with friends or sibling. The Grinch saying “I guess I could use a little social interaction,” hits a little too close to home this year.

“Sugar Rush Christmas”– Nothing says holiday cheer like baked goods to me. Sugar Rush Christmas is great present-wrapping TV with guest judges like Liza Koshy who add flair and levity to the judging of different teams’ Christmas creations.

“The Knight Before Christmas”– Not only is the title a pun, but this movie delivers romance, time travel, (you guessed it) a knight in shining armor and a reminder of the Christmas spirit. Science teacher Brooke, played by Vanessa Hudgens, and Sir Cole, played by Josh Whitehouse, change each other’s lives over the holidays.

“Holly Star”– If you are looking for a non-cliché Christmas movie, “Holly Star” might be for you. Featuring lobster, missing diamonds, and a puppeteer in a mid-life crisis, this movie delivers some holiday cheer in an unusual way.

“Christmas Break-In”– This PG comedy takes place in an elementary school the day before Christmas break. It delivers the Christmas spirit through comically bad robbers, a fomer-rockstar janitor, and a little girl forgotten by her parents.

“Operation Christmas Drop”– Set in the tropics, this movie is a classic holiday romance. If you enjoy Christmas carols ukulele-style, this is the movie for you. While the plot borders on cliché sometimes, it is based around a real humanitarian project and has a feel-good ending.

“Holidate”– A little raunchy, but still laughable, “Holidate” serves as a reminder that no one should have to be alone for the holidays. This movie begins at Christmastime and follows Sloane, played by Emma Roberts, through the major holidays and back to Christmas again.

“Holiday Rush”– This movie centers around a radio DJ and his family is an emotional drama in the best way. The Rush family loses almost everything before Christmas and is forced to relearn what Christmas is about.

“The Holiday Calendar”– One of my personal favorites, Photographer Abby’s life is changed when her Grandpa gives her a magical advent calendar before Christmas while Abby’s goofy best friend slowly wins her over into a relationship and the Christmas spirit.