The Fab 5 Return with Tears

Jaydi Swanson, Views Editor

Sometimes, all you need to turn your life around is five eccentric gay men.

In Netflix’s original show, “Queer Eye,” the so-called Fab 5 do exactly that. Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Bobby Berk use their self-help skills to empower and uplift men and women nominated by their friends or family.

The third season was released this month, and this time the Fab 5 remake Kansas City, Mo. They offer advice in cooking, fashion, design, grooming and mental perspective.

But “Queer Eye” is more than just a group of pretentious men acting like they’re better than everyone. Their intentions are pure and heartfelt, which can easily be seen as they often cry when their subject has a breakthrough. They form real connections with the people, allowing us to see deep into their lives as well, creating a truly emotional experience.

And in this new season, the Fab 5 amp it up even more. From a camp counselor father to a hunting-loving wife to a pair of sweet, barbecuing sisters, a wider group than ever before is reached. They even take on their first wedding. The Fab 5’s personalities are just as flamboyant as ever, though, complementing each other’s humor and confidence.

The advice the Fab 5 give isn’t just for those on the show. The messages of self-love and care resonate with the viewer. With countless TV shows spewing hate and negativity, “Queer Eye” offers a feel-good, happy escape.

If there is anything bad to be said about this season, it’s that it simply isn’t long enough. Like seasons one and two, season 3 brings us eight new stories. But with a show as addicting as “Queer Eye,” there can never be enough.