The Top 3 Moments from This Season of ‘The Bachelor’

Kate Lickert, Staff Writer

From feuding pageant queen to fence jumps, this season of “The Bachelor” has been full drama, tears and shocking moments, and although every season is claimed to be the “most dramatic season ever,” this season surely didn’t disappoint.

  1. The season premiere

Contestants are known for pulling crazy stunts on the first night to gain attention, but this year there was an usual amount of odd gimmicks. Usually a costume or two can be expected but Alex D., dressed as the sloth, stayed in her costume almost the entire night. Unsurprisingly, she was sent home that night.

Night one of season 23 also holds a new record for most date interruptions. Again it’s a given a Contestant will steal the bachelor away from someone at least once, maybe twice, but Catherine spoke to Colton four separate times in one night. Catherine, aka the girl who gifted Colton her dog the first night, became borderline aggressive when it came to fighting for Colton’s attention.

Then there was Bri, who decided it would be good idea to impress Colton with a fake British accent. However she was careful not to specifically mention she was from Australia just that her accent was. We never got to see the resolution since Bri was sent home during week three and was barely featured on the show.

  1. The number of girls that left

Colton now holds the record high for the number of girls that left the show. After Cassie’s departure, that makes a total of four girls to leave the show.

First there was Elyse, who said it was too difficult for her to watch Colton date other girls. Then there was Sydney, who just wasn’t feeling it with Colton. Third was Heather G., aka the girl who had never had her first kiss. She claimed that she wasn’t ready for Colton to meet her family. Last to leave was Cassie with her emotional exit.

1.The anticipated fence jump

The clip of Colton jumping the fence has been in the previews for weeks leaving fans in suspense. When Cassie, who Colton claimed to be “the one,” broke up with him during fantasy suite week, it led to Colton to begging pleading and sobbing. Sadly, Cassie still decided to leave and with their breakup was too much to handle, Colton stormed off and jumped a Portuguese fence. He then proceeded to run off leaving the fans guessing where he was for a whole week before the season finale.