Marvel’s New Spider-Man Film Weaves Success

Jessica Fosse, Life Editor

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Who doesn’t like a good ol’ Spider-Man? Or two? Three? Wait, there are six?

Marvel Studios teamed up with Sony Animation to create more than one new Spider-Man for “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” that was released Dec. 14.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” grossed approximately $35 million opening weekend according to Box Office Mojo. The animated movie proved itself through its sales but many elements of the movie resonated with its viewers.

Rotten Tomatoes rated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” a 97 percent on their “Tomatometer;” many critics wrote their opinions to add to the total rating.

“The scale feels vast, yet the spirit is joyous. It’s as if everyone had set out to make the best Spider-Man movie ever, which is exactly what they’ve done,” The Wall Street Journal wrote.

However, Academy Award-winning movies sometimes don’t score as high as a 97 percent. Does the movie hold up to the rating?

Senior Mitchell Sylvies is a long-time Marvel Studios fan and finds the “Tomatometer” has validity when it comes to this movie.

“There can be a sharp contrast between how critics feel and how a general audience feels about a film,” Sylvies said, “so I as a rule don’t pay much attention to review aggregates such as Rotten Tomatoes; however, in this case, I agree with the 97% rating.”

Much of the approval can be attributed to the unique animation style that has yet to be seen from any other production, according to IGN.

“The unique and often brilliant 3D animation style is a fantastic aspect of the movie, though it does take some time to get used to,” IGN said. “It’s like watching a comic book being brought to life, complete with vibrant colors, a few KAPOWS, and some actual thought bubbles sprinkled in for dramatic effect. With so many American animated films resembling Pixar nowadays, Into the Spider-Verse is a visual experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. Those one-of-a-kind visuals add an otherworldly look, which is appropriate since the story is not set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

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