EHS Orchestra Hears From Accomplished Violinist

Jessica Fosse, Staff Writer

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As part of the SIUE Arts and Issues series, renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine headlined a masterworks class as part of the series. The EHS Orchestra Program was able to attend the two hour workshop on April 23.


Pine had been playing the violin since age three. Since then she has traveled and played with many different orchestras. However, at age 20, Pine was hopping off of a Chicago commuter train when the doors closed on a bag of hers. Pine was struggling to get the bag off of her when the train began moving. Her left leg was severed and her right foot was greatly injured.


But that didn’t stop her from continuing to play and teach.


Junior violinist Katrina Augustin, representing the SIUE Suzuki Strings program, performed for Pine and was also critiqued by her.

“(We worked) mostly on intonation and how to listen closely and carefully to each note,” Agustin said. “It was definitely nerve-wracking. Being able to work with someone of her prestige was an honor. She was very picky and careful with her critics.”


She played Concerto for Violin in E minor, Op. 64 composed by Felix Mendelssohn with accompaniment Vera Parkin.


“I chose to play the first movement of the Mendelssohn e minor violin concerto,” Agustin said. “Which is about 14 minutes long, but I only played the first page for her.”


EHS students who went on the field trip observed Agustin play for Pine as well as college students from SUIE and SUIC. The trip a way for orchestra students was to watch a masterclass as well as meet Pine.


At the end of the event, Pine ended with advice for all musicians.


“As cheesy as it sounds, practice does make perfect,” Pine said. “ So if you love it, keep doing it.”

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EHS Orchestra Hears From Accomplished Violinist