Lit Mag Gets Physical

Anna Kutz, Life Editor

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For the first time in approximately a decade, EHS’s Literature Magazine will have a printed presence in the school. Although


Before, it was published solely online. But with a new sponsor, Mrs. Loesche, the magazine will be printed.


For the students involved in writing, designing and editing, this is an exciting prospect for the future of their publication.


“This is the first time (it’s been printed) in a while — a long while, in fact — to help revive the club,” said Robin Luo, co-editor-in-chief of Lit Mag.


Members raised enough money to print this issue from purely fundraising early on in the year, allowing them to break out of electronic publishing for at least one issue.


And this one issue’s success is vital to the spread of art and writing throughout EHS, according to Luo.


“I hope that it’ll generate some traction and interest and that the club will produce more physical copies of the magazine in the future to show that creativity — whether through writing, art, etc. — is important,” she said.


Since lit mag is composed exclusively from works of art, original writing, poetry and more, there’s a need for student involvement. If this issue is a hit, it could garner the attention of creative students and inspire them to share their own work, according to current staffer, soon to be editor-in-chief, Anna Farrar.


“Hopefully it will make people more aware of what we actually do and how everybody can get involved: either by writing a story or poem, or as applying as a writer or designer for the magazine,” Farrar said. “The Lit Mag really showcases the writers in the school more than any other organization.”


Student works will, hopefully, be showcased in an entirely new way when it’s published — thanks to the hard work of staff members.


With a new era for the magazine comes a new system: staff involved is learning both InDesign and Photoshop, both types of software that are used for other school publications such as the yearbook and The Claw.


While learning the new programs are difficult, Luo believes that this experience will benefit both her and the magazine.


“Even if it’s not using InDesign or Photoshop, the very act of learning new skills is good practice and will help me for anything in the future,” she said.


The staff plans on distributing the physical copies to English classrooms across EHS before the year ends in hopes to spread excitement for both their publication and the arts.


“I hope to continue to have it published and increase the staff,” Farrar said. “Hopefully it become a more well recognized publication at EHS.”

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