Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Makes Marvelous Debut

Zoe Robinson, Staff Writer

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Marvel is well-known for their cinematic talent. Their movies—whether it be the X-Men universe or the Avengers universe—always get millions to billions of dollars in the box office and more often than not, outstanding reviews from both critics and the public.

Their television shows, on the other hand, seem to be much less talked about, making them much more underrated than they should be.

Hulu’s “Marvel Runaways” focuses on a group of six teenagers that go to school in an upper-class California suburb. Their cliché personalities range from lacrosse jock to young activist to mysterious Goth, making it unbearable to watch them all try and get along.

Until they discover they all have a common enemy: their under-the-radar super-villain parents.

The show—created by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz—is an easy binger. Like most shows that are hard not to binge-watch, each episode ends with a cliff-hanger that leaves you wondering what will happen next.

Within the 10-episode first season, you see major character development, done marvelously by the young, pleasantly diverse cast.

Similar to almost every Marvel film, the other-worldly technology successfully snags the viewers interest, filling them with wonder and curiosity about what the technology does. The graphics that give this technology life is spot-on as well, leaving you completely doubtless that what you’re watching is for real, and kind of wishing you had a staff like Nico’s.

Marvel released a teaser to the second season of Runaways in January, which isn’t set to release on Hulu until the end of 2018.

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Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Makes Marvelous Debut